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Archmage - alternative to Magic The Gathering for Android

Archmage is a card game inspired by the original Arcomage, and is the simplest alternative to Magic the Gathering (MTG) for Android. It's possible to play against either a human player or a computer player. Archmage is a fantasy turn-based card game. This card game simulates an epic battle between two empires including features such as constructing new buildings, training troops and decimating the enemy empire with standard attacks or sneaky tactics such as intrigue or spells. There are similarities in gameplay, but there are differences in cards, game rules and victory conditions.

  • Deck building - choose 70+ unique cards to construct your own deck
  • Over 250 cards to choose from
  • In game chat
  • Private messaging
  • Buld a deck for standalone game
  • Improvements sach as wall and new towers with unique abilities
  • Multiple victory types allows you to apply different strategies


You can download the application from market:

Download Archmage Lite from website [build]

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